Let’s Talk Supply Chain

Let’s Talk Supply Chain


My Name is Sarah Barnes-Humphrey and this is Let’s Talk Supply Chain where I interview the top Supply Chain professionals in the industry. You will learn about best practices, changes in the industry and Hot Topics surrounding Supply Chain. Have a specific question you want answered? E-mail us at listener@letstalksupplychain.com

From gaining her degree in Business, with a concentration in transportation, Michelle has gone from strength to strength. Her career has seen her achieve leadership roles within large organizations from Kraft to JC Penney, move all around the USA, and now sees her helping to shape the whole future of transport and supply chain, as the Vice President of Transportation for The Home Depot.

She’s also actively engaged within the industry and serves on the boards of a host of different associations, advising the industry and championing female leadership.

Today Michelle tells us all about her impressive career, her love for, and commitment to, the industry and the importance of supporting women in supply chain.


[06.44] How lively conversations with her trucking Father brought Michelle to supply chain, despite wanting to be a teacher in her early years.

> “Never underestimate the power of a dinner conversation with your children!

[08.28] How a part-time job at a burger restaurant in her early teens helped Michelle to find her voice, through a focus on customer service and communication with management.

[10.17] The importance of mentorship and how, on reflection, the pressure of being a woman in a male-dominated industry meant Michelle didn’t always use her voice the way she now feels she could, or should, have.

[13.10] How The Home Depots’ ethos matches with Michelle’s; and the challenges as well as the positives of working for the company.

> “If you enjoy fast-paced, high-energy, challenging, thought-provoking workload, being in supply chain and transportation is a great area to be in.”

[14.50] How COVID has affected supply chain, and the benefits it’s brought along with it, from improved technology to more flexible communication.

[15.50] How an understanding of data is going to be key for the next generation.

[17.30] The benefits of engaging with the industry and taking seats on boards, from networking to giving back.

[20.11] How organisations like AWESOME are changing the game for women in business, and the importance of continuing to champion female voices.

[21.37] An overview of AWESOME.

[23.22] The challenges and benefits of the industry, particularly for women.

> “The benefits far outweigh the challenges I’ve experienced.”

[26.51] Why Michelle now serves on the board of the Supply Chain Academy at Indiana University, the same institution where she gained her own degree.

[28.45] Michelle’s passion for working with people and helping them to achieve their own sets of goals and dreams.

> “It keeps me energised every day.”

[29.39] Michelle’s advice for up and coming women in supply in chain.

> “Just do it! If you don’t allow it to intimidate you, you will be pleasantly surprised at all the wonderful things you too will accomplish.”


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