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Deliver on Your Business, powered by, is for Independent Contractors working in the On Demand Delivery space, delivering for Gig Economy apps like Grubhub, Doordash, Postmates, Uber Eats, Caviar, Deliv, Amazon Flex and so many others. Never forget that YOU are the boss! Deliver on Your Business helps you think like a business owner, not an employee. We’re here to help you become an INTENTIONAL business owner, not an accidental one. Because here’s the deal, folks: When they signed you up as independent contractors, they made you a business owner. Deliver on Your Business is here to help you claim that role. We’ll help you look at business principals and how you can adopt them into your own business. We help you take control of your work and build your profits. We help you Deliver on YOUR Business!

I didn’t expect to get back to Uber Eats so quickly after we talked in Episode 83 about how Uber Eats is now including the expected tip in the offer amount.

The feedback on that has been surprising. A lot of people commented on the associated blog page that they are making a lot less money under the new system.

Is Uber Eats paying less or is tipping lower under this new system? The issue caught me off guard because my results have been the opposite. I’ve made more money than ever on Uber Eats now that I know the total tip amount.

We dive into what has changed about tipping on Uber Eats (nothing) and what may be causing some to do better while others do worse.

Some articles of interest:

In January 2019 Uber Eats began allowing customers to tip when placing the order. This feature has been in place for a year and a half. This aspect of things did not change with the new update.

In November of last year we talked about the new Uber Eats pay model.

When Doordash came out with their new pay model last year,we talked about the Desirability factor. It’s something similar to Uber Eats’s Trip Supplement.

What has changed with Uber Eats? What remains the same? Is it better or worse now that you know how much you’re earning? We talk about those questions and then get into three secrets of how to better evaluate Uber Eats delivery offers with this new change.

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