Unbelievable Real Estate Stories

Unbelievable Real Estate Stories

by Ellie Perlman

February 12, 2020 9:00 pm

Ellie Perlman, a real estate investor, brings you REady2Scale! Now into the 2nd season, this show highlights 3 key areas of being successful in real estate investing: assets, process, and strategies. Listen along to learn all the approaches you can take to expand your portfolio, maximize your ROI, create new streams of passive income, and grow your own business and wealth.

How do you prospect and build out a large network of strictly accredited investors? Today’s guest, John Bogdasarian, has a wealth of knowledge to share. With a highly opportunistic strategy, focused on multiple asset classes, John shares how he has built out his company to partner only with accredited investors.

Though he originally had only a few, today John has grown out his accredited investors to well over 400, with a potential 1000 more on his wait list. Listen along to learn how John structured a highly diversified portfolio and built out a large scale business through creative use of asset classes, a blended strategy that began as value-add and development, but has now scaled to an exclusive private equity firm – all within the exclusive niche of accredited investors.

Asset: John’s portfolio includes condos, multifamily, industrial, hotels, and more. Listen along to learn why he chooses not to focus on one specific asset, and what he focuses on instead.

Process: Prospecting is a true art, particularly when targeting the specific niche of accredited investors. John shares how he developed a successful process for not just sourcing accredited investors, but building out an entire network primed for action for each new deal.

Strategy: If you’re interested in learning more about investing in development sites, John shares some of his experiences and valuable insights on how best to mitigate risks.

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John’s Bio:

John is the Founder/President & CEO, of Promanas. He began his career in 1996 in residential sales. Through his experiences, he found there was a void in the market for quality passive real estate investments and shifted his focus to creating vehicles for accredited investors. John started Promanas with 9 investors and has strategically guided the firm that now serves nearly 400 investors and whose portfolio includes >3M square feet of property. He has acquired and/or developed more than $½ billion in real estate assets nationally.

John holds a real estate license, a CCIM designation, and has been a featured speaker at real estate conferences and podcasts nationally. He recently released his book Do the Work Once, Get Paid Forever.

How to Contact John:

Website: https://promanas.com/

Email: ir@promanas.com

Book: https://amzn.to/2SupcA6

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