Unbelievable Real Estate Stories

Unbelievable Real Estate Stories

by Ellie Perlman

October 9, 2019 8:00 pm

Ellie Perlman, a real estate investor, brings you Season 2 of “Unbelievable Real Estate Stories”: REady2Scale! This season highlights stories with a sharp focus into 3 key areas of being successful in real estate investing: assets, process, and strategies. Listen along to learn all the approaches you can take to expand your portfolio, maximize your ROI, create new streams of passive income, and grow your own wealth. James Kandasamy is a man that requires no introduction! As a best-selling author in the US and Canada, syndicator, and podcast host, James brings us outstanding information on utilizing the BRRRR method to capitalize on returns. Having a portfolio in excess of $100MM in just 5 years in real estate, with 3 years in multifamily acquisitions and asset management, James explains how this strategy has resulted in an average portfolio IRR of more than 20%. If you’re wanting to evaluate how to utilize refinancing strategically, learn the process, and be prepared to do so with competency and efficiency, James is the man to learn from! In addition, he also shares how to protect yourself as a syndicator, with insights such as how to prove forced appreciation and navigate investor relations during the times of strategy transition. This episode provides a wealth of information and great perspective on navigating market challenges as they arise and creating a flexible investment strategy. Asset: Multifamily Properties Process: James explains a solid overview of what it is like to go through the refinancing process, with helpful insights on how to make it successful. Strategy: James gives a good in depth explanation of how the BRRRR Method – short for “Buying off-Market, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, and Repeat“ strategy provides great ROI’s when applied in the correct markets and during the right market cycle. James’ Bio: James Kandasamy is the principal in Achieve Investment Group – a vertically integrated real estate company, actively engaged in multifamily acquisition, asset management, property, and construction management. James has built a reputation for creative marketing tactics to find motivated sellers and unlock hidden value in multifamily operations. His book, Passive Investing In Commercial Real Estate: Insider Secrets to Achieving Financial Independence, ranked #1 on Amazon in both the US and Canada. Prior to real estate investing, James pursued a career in engineering – having earned a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (Hons) and an MBA from the University of South Australia. How to Contact James: Website: www.achieveinvestmentgroup.com Email: james@achieveinvestmentgroup.com FB: Multifamily Investors Group


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