Capital Hacking

Capital Hacking


Co-hosts Josh McCallen and Erik Cabral are on a mission to bring massive value to entrepreneurs and investors who want to elevate their game! Move from Motivation to MOMENTUM EFFICIENTLY & with MAXIMUM IMPACT! Capital Hacking shows how Human Capital & Cash Capital work together to create POWER! “With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility” – Ben Parker

Ellis Hammond is the owner and creator of the Kingdom REI Podcast, and author of Mission of Multifamily, a free ebook on how to get started in multifamily investing. In this episode, Ellis shares with us how he started as an entrepreneur building communities of faith, and how he found his calling for property investing. We learn about the value of what multifamily brings to the community, and why good neighbors are more powerful than amenities. Ellis also walks us through what he defines as “triple bottom line investing”, and discusses his new book. Listen for details on how to get your free copy!

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