From the Mic

From the Mic


Host Mary Wesley takes you behind the caller’s mic to explore perspectives from the people who choose to stand in that curious place between the band and a roomful of dancers. Featuring conversations with callers of American social dance forms (contras, community dances, trad squares). Why do they do it? How did they learn? What is their role, on stage and off, in shaping our dance communities?

Sound bites featured in this episode (in order of appearance):

– Chris calling at the 2008 San Francisco Bay Queer Contra Dance Camp with music by the band Bag ‘o Tricks.
– Chris calling the dance Dance All Night by Rick Mohr at the Concord Scout House in 2008 with music by the band Apple Crisp.
– Chris calling the dance Butterfly Kiss by Bob Isaacs at the 2012 NEFFA festival with music by the band Jet Stream.
– Chris calling the dance Joel’s in the Kitchen by Sue Rosen at the 2011 Lavender Country Folk Dancers Dance Camp to the music of Lady Gaga.

More about Chris

– So much! Chris has pretty much written a book on Gender-Free Dancing. You can also read his history of the JP Contra Dance here.
– In 2018 the Harvard Crimson picked up a great story about the Boston Gender-Free Contra Dancers
– Did you know Chris was nominated as a “Local Hero” during the CDSS Centennial celebration?
– Chris has been deeply involved with the Lavender Country and Folk Dancers (LCFD) over the years

– In 202 he gave an online talk sharing the history of the organization as part of “Out of the Archives,” a history project documenting LGBTQ Boston.

– Can you hear me now? Did you hear that Chris started a telephone museum in Rockland, MA? Read all about it!
– There are a lot of fun archival dance videos on Chris’s YouTube channel

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