Bar Review

Bar Review


Washington & Lee University School of Law students Thuan Tran & Charles Bonani discuss the various challenges and experiences they encounter in their law school life.

In this episode, Matt and Thuan discuss the difficulties with maintaining a healthy exercise routine in law school, the challenges that most students face, and provide some tips on how to keep motivated to stay active.

1:40 – Does Dominos still deliver?

2:10 – Thuan wants you to join the Strength Club

3:00 – How did Matt transition from fitness for college wrestling to fitness in law school?

7:00 – What is it about law school that makes it harder to get to the gym and stay fit?

10:40 – “Having time” vs. “making time” to go to the gym

13:20 – “What’s in it for me” when I make time for fitness?

16:00 – What do you do when you’ve blocked out that time for fitness but you still have work to do?

18:40 – How do you find the motivation to get to the gym?

20:00 – What’s the best workout to do? The one you WILL DO!

23:00 – How does fitness help avoid burnout in law school?

27:30 – How do we stay fit during a pandemic?

32:00 – Thuan got into biking during the pandemic

35:38 – Who is the fittest professor in the law school?

39:28 – What are some resources/clubs on campus that students can check out for fitness? Outing Club, Boxing Club, etc.

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