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Print That Thing Podcast


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Join us Wednesday at 5pm CST to discuss how to make money with your 3D print designs. This week we’re discussing how to get ideas for 3D Print On Demand products.

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Amazon Echo Accessories

Google Home Accessories

Universal Cellphone accessories

CBD oil / flower products

Natural skincare & cosmetic accessories

Specialty Tea Accessories

Diet Fad Product Accessories

Table Top Gaming products or accessories

Lamp Shades and LED products

Sex Industry products

Pet products or accessories

Fine Jewelry

Life Hack Products

Sleepwear accessories

Gag gifts

Minimalist products

Smartwatch accessories

Fashion items, hats, shoes, wearables, etc

Game consoles and VR accessories

Kids Toys

Kitchen Accessories

Bicycle accessories

Home Game Room Equipment

Water Recreation stuff

Outdoor Furniture

Home Bar Equipment

Wine Accessories

Home Gym Equipment

Home Office products

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