Engineering Heroes

Engineering Heroes


Welcome to a New Dawn of Engineering Challenges.

If you are concerned or interested about the current and future life as an engineer, then this Podcast is for you. We look closely at what it means in today’s society to be an engineer, and we discuss some challenges our guests are facing or working on.

Every Friday, Mel & Dom share a discussion they’ve had with an engineer. They will talk about their career and provide thoughts and advice for future engineers.

Engineers Australia is proud to present Engineering Heroes.

Mel & Dom speak to Major General Marcus Thompson, the current Head of Information Warfare for the Australian Defence Force. He spoke about the many, many challenges facing all of society now and how engineers are perfectly placed to rise to the challenge and help tackle the issues. He also discusses how the solutions and the technology being utilised, requires collaboration across disciplines. Conversation particularly focuses on his experience and knowledge in fields of Cyber, Artificial Intelligence and Space. This is a podcast about the engineering challenges that are facing today’s society. These are our Engineering Heroes. A podcast from Engineers Australia. Your hosts are Melanie and Dominic De Gioia See for privacy information.

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