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Value Adds Value!


Welcome to the VALUE ADDS VALUE Podcast where we want to help you become the teachers your kids deserve. Over the course of the last six years we’ve found a process for adding value to your teaching craft. Here’s what we want to help you do: Build your craft through experience! Sharpening your skills through reflection! Leverage your unique gifts as an educator to change lives! On this podcast we share the experiences of teachers from around the globe to help you BUILD, SHARPEN, and LEVERAGE your teaching craft! Join our PLC at Support this podcast:

Danna Thomas is an educator in Baltimore who was the founder of The Happy Teacher Revolution. After seven years in the classroom Danna realized the need to make the health and happiness of teachers a priority and started her organization that now has more the 31,000 members. The Happy Teacher Revolution is a network of teachers – a network that serves as a support system for teachers who are struggling with the shame, blame, guilt and difficulties of balancing an incredibly demanding profession with their own sense of self and happiness.

We brought Danna on the podcast to talk about creating our own sense of self and happiness and it was one of the most fun and inspiring interviews we have had. It was just a real conversation about the negative impacts our emotions can have on students (like how our stress creates stress in them), how pursuing hobbies and passions can change our attitudes, and how we can strive for work life integration.

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