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Hard conversations about race, parenting, segregation, and inequities in our schools.

We were just in your feeds a week ago with Congressman Bobby Scott, but we couldn’t wait to get this episode out.

Dr. Ann Ishimaru is a professor at the University of Washington in Seattle, where her work focuses on the intersection of leadership, school – community relationships, and education equity. With a focus on both formal power structures, and on the more informal power that can come from community, she believes that leadership can play a vital role in creating equitable learning environments for all kids, particularly those who have been historically marginalized in education.

Through her research, which she has documented in a new book, Just Schools: Building Equitable Collaborations with Family and Communities, Dr. Ishimaru highlights four key principals for empowering family and community to drive positive change in schools: Begin with Parents and Community; Transform Power; Build Reciprocity; and Undertake Change as Collective Inquiry.

She joins us to discuss these themes and more.


– Dr. Ishimaru’s book -Just Schools: Building Equitable Collaborations with Family and Communities
– Tips for Collaborating with Other Families from Embrace Race
– Annette Lareau – on Racialized Scripts
– Nice White Parents – from Serial
– John Diamond and Amanda Lewis – Despite the Best Intentions
– Amanda Lewis on our podcast
– Erica Turner’s guide on Equity in Pandemic Schooling

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