School Leadership Reimagined

School Leadership Reimagined


Tired of school change efforts that stall, or worse, never get off the ground? If you’re a principal, assistant principal, or instructional coach who is ready have a transformative impact on the teachers you serve then School Leadership Reimagined is for you. Each week, Robyn Jackson will share counterintuitive strategies to help you dramatically improve instruction. You’ll discover how to motivate your teachers, help them be accountable, overcome toxic cultures, and transform your school. No more pulling teeth with resistant teachers. No more constantly fighting fires. No more running out of steam mid-year. Regain your time, Reignite your passion, and Rethink what’s possible. Stop settling for status quo. It’s time to reimagine school leadership. Visit to download the free resources that come with each episode

Things have been uncertain for quite some time now so it’s fair to say that we need to get used to uncertainty. And while this might feel overwhelming to some, Builders have a way of handling uncertainty that keeps them focused on their goals in spite of how things might change. In this episode, discover how Builders successfully navigate uncertain times, 4 things you can do right now to help your teachers deal with uncertainty and calm their feelings of overwhelm, and 1 thing that you can do to keep your focus in the midst of all the distractions right now. By the time you’re done, you’ll be able to manage these uncertain times and still turn your school into a success story this year #LikeABuilder.

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