Read Me a Story, Ink

Read Me a Story, Ink


Children’s stories perfect for classroom, bedtime, or anytime. Based on my 26 year hobby of reading in public elementary schools, the stories offered here are some of my favorite, kid-tested read-alouds. All stories appear with the permission of the author.

A gently told story of how small things can bring joy. Alice finds and old, engraved powder horn in Mr. Hall’s antique shop. When she brings it home, she and her father decide to build a “rainy-day” room in the attic decorated in the same designs as the powder horn.

Recent Episodes

  • "The Powder Horn: An Historical Tale" by Elizabeth Coatsworth

    7 days ago
  • “Calling Papa Home: A Tale of the Great Peshtigo Fire, 1871” by Julia Pferdehirt.

    4 weeks ago
  • "The Old Gray Chair" by Douglas Evans

    1 month ago
  • "The Pied Piper of Hamelin, A Tale From Germany" by Amy Friedman

    2 months ago
  • "The Entrance Exam, A Young Witch's Tale" by Mary Carey

    3 months ago
  • "The Soap Bandit" by Dennis Haseley

    3 months ago
  • "Ethan Unbound" by Gary L. Blackwood

    4 months ago
  • "Kite Flier" by Dennis Haseley

    5 months ago
  • "Run, Kate Shelley, Run" by Julia Pferdehirt

    5 months ago
  • “Nothing at All, A Dragon Tale” by Julia Pferdehirt.

    6 months ago