Linking Our Libraries

Linking Our Libraries


Libraries are amazing places! The work library people do is so wide-ranging, it can be hard to keep up on the latest news. We are here to help. Each episode, Mary and Angie will focus on one area of library work, discuss library news stories, recommend some books, and share a Spotlight Library that is doing some interesting work.

If your image of libraries is dominated by crabby old women who shush you, or places where they scowl when you take books home – you are in for a big surprise. Libraries are the jewels of their communities, and doing all sorts of amazing things every day! Books are the backbone of any library, and there is so much more to do and to use. Service to every member of their community means searching out and connecting with the needs of a lot of different groups. No matter what your interests, there is a library out there for you!

Listen to us talk about some of the great things happening in libraries today!

Today we have a Guest Host joining us! Julianne Trebelhorn has been a member of the Traverse des Sioux Library System board, as well as the Sibley County library board. She is here today to talk about what it takes to be a board member for libraries, and to help the libraries succeed!

Check out our show notes here, to get all the links to the material we share today and to the books we discuss.

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