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Join us at the kitchen table! We’re holding family discussions, sharing insights, asking experts, exploring new ideas, and actively pursuing an improved K12 experience for the kids, the parents, and their educators. How should we prepare kids for life in the 21st century? Let’s find out… together! Subscribe to our monthly newsletter: https://bit.ly/LetsK12BetterNewsletter.*This podcast is a project between @MomOfAllCapes and her kids.

It’s a short one this week, but YOU’VE GOT HOMEWORK!

October 5th – 9th is National Voter Education Week. How are you going to use this time to prepare for the election? We switched it up this episode and have provided discussion questions about elections and voting for families to use next week (and all month long).

We are living during unprecedented times and kids are asking a lot of questions. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to engage because of fear. Remember, we’re preparing them to fix this mess. Bring your kids along on the journey with you. Here are your discussion questions:

– Why should people vote, even if they do not like the candidates? What can they do about it?
– What is missing in the discussion in schools about voting?OR What do you wish was covered and why?
– Sometimes candidates run ads and say harmful things about each other. What do you think about those kinds of ads? Are they helpful?
– What can parents do to raise informed and engaged future voters?
– Voting is only one, very important part of your civic experience. What other ways can people make a change in their community?
– Kids can’t vote. So what are ways that kids can contribute to their communities?

We’d love to hear about your family discussion. Share with us on social media @LetsK12Better or email us momofallcapes@gmail.com.

Find non-partisan resources in the 5th Let’s K12 Better Newsletter: https://mailchi.mp/aee90749591f/tips-for-raising-socially-conscious-anti-racist-kids-5836019.

National Voter Education Week site: https://votereducationweek.org/!


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