Adventures in ESL: A Podcast for K-12 ESL Teachers

Adventures in ESL: A Podcast for K-12 ESL Teachers


How do I plan for my ELLs? Am I doing enough to support my ESL students? Am I a good ESL teacher? How do I lead a professional development about ESL in front of my peers? How can I have a successful ESL classroom? And the biggest question that every ESL teacher asks, “How can I ensure my students succeed?” Welcome to Adventures in ESL Podcast! This is the place you want to be to answer all your burning questions about teaching ESL students in grades K-12. The Adventures in ESL Podcast serves ESL teachers (K-12) who are struggling with what to teach and how to prepare for the school year become successful and confident in their teaching. Every week Millie will bring you actionable tips and strategies that you can implement in your classroom. Don’t wait another second! Hit play and learn all the secrets that will transform your classroom. #eslteachersrock

In this episode of My Adventures of ESL, you will learn

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In this episode, you will learn:

– Simple strategies to plan for listening growth
– Why being intentional about listening activities can increase Language Learners growth

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