This Most Unbelievable Podcast!

This Most Unbelievable Podcast!


This podcast, hosted by Drs. Cheri Spiegel and Paul Fitzgerald, covers all things as they relate to two college professors in this modern age. Enjoy! If you have a topic that you would like us to cover, blast them over!

What is your way of being in the world? And while we’re at it, what does the phrase “way of being” mean anyway? At the core of this question, it seems, is the idea that people are who they are, and that we have a limited ability to change that. Is that really true? Or is this just a story that we tell ourselves? I mean, do you really wake up each day and make a conscious decision on how you’re going to be that day, or do you not really even think about it, and just let things unfold how they do? If you’re like us, you might find that there are some ways of being that you are quite intentional about while others feel more like reactions to the experiences you face in life. Can you tell the difference, and what might it take to get to the place where you can engage in what arises responsively, rather than reactively? This, friends, is how we develop our way of being in the world!

So, join us, as we take our own ways of being in the world, explore the ways of being we see within our communities, and consider the ways that priorities, values, personality, action, and attitude might all shape how we navigate our days and experiences. There may be some steps that we need to take, some adjustments we might need to take to start on this journey, but we promise you, they are worth taking! Give it a listen; tell us what you think!

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