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Nat Chat


Nat Chat is a wide-ranging podcast hosted by Nat Eliason. It includes his weekly roundup, the Monday Medley, as well as interviews with various guests, solo-episodes on interesting topics, and much much more.

Happy Monday! Glad to have you back for another episode of Nat Chat, an audio version of my newsletter Monday Medley. Join me in recapping my best finds from across the Internet with topics ranging from nutrition, finding good business partners, and sleep tech.

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Resources mentioned:

– 6 Big Nutrition Lessons (0:18)
– How to Migrate from Notion to Roam (0:26)
– The Almanack of Naval Ravikant (0:31)
– The Brain (0:41)
– White Oak Pastures (0:48)
– Their Most Popular Items (1:12)
– Cat Lavery (1:21)
– BestSelf (1:23)
– In one extensive article (1:37)
– Sleep Tech video (2:05)
– Youtube Masterclass(2:19)
– How Ali balances his double life (2:37)
– The Hero’s Journey(2:45)
– Intermittent Fasting (2:55)
– Make Chicken Great Again (3:30)
– Ethical Meat Eating Article (3:38)
– Solving Problems by Letting Go (3:52)

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