Creativity Conversations

Creativity Conversations


For over 10 years, renowned thinkers and creators have met on Emory’s campus to discuss their philosophies and crafts through an endowed speaker series called the Rosemary Magee Creativity Conversations. Some notable past participants include Margaret Atwood, Alice Walker, and President Jimmy Carter. Originally, these live conversations were filmed and added to the Emory University Creativity Conversation youtube playlist. On this podcast, we will provide edited down versions of the Creativity Conversations introduced by current, artistically accomplished Emory University students.

Season 4, Spring Semester 2021

Filmed October 2, 2012. Atlanta-based novelist and playwright Pearl Cleage joins writer Alice Walker for a conversation that focuses on their creative influences, the writers they read, and how they’ve been inspired by each other’s work. The conversation, hosted by Rosemary Magee, is moderated by University of Georgia journalism professor and author Valerie Boyd. Watch the original conversation:

This conversation is introduced by host/Emory Arts employee Maggie Beker and artist, Emory Student, and Conversations with Eggs: Virtual Arts Zine editor Lennox Elrod. Beker and Elrod introduce the podcast and discuss how Elrod approaches creating as meditation and his podcast The Phoenix Radio. Listen to the podcast:

This program is part of the Rosemary M. Magee Creativity Conversation endowed series.

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