The AMA Podcast

The AMA Podcast


The AMA Podcast brings you the inside stories from the hobby of model aviation by hearing directly from those who live and breathe aeromodeling. With guests ranging from the who’s who of the hobby to the average weekend warrior, The AMA Podcast tries to shine a light on the stories that have shaped the hobby for decades. Hosted by AMA’s Matt Ruddick.

Last week, we discussed the joint letter written by AMA, AOPA, EAA, and Wing that was sent to the FAA in response to proposed Remote ID regulations. This week, lifelong modeler and CTO of Wing, Adam Woodworth, and Wing Public Policy representative, Ben Brooks, join the show to talk about their view on how the proposed Remote ID rules could affect model aviation.

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Read Wing’s Remote ID NPRM comment summary and full comment to the FAA

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