Taming Disaster: Drones For Good

Taming Disaster: Drones For Good


Hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, floods. Drones and related technologies are helping to reshape the way we prepare for, respond to, and recover from complex incidents and disasters. Immerse yourself into the conversation with Christopher Todd, a Certified Emergency Manager (CEM) and FAA-certified remote pilot, as he features new industry-leading subject matter experts to discuss the use of Drones for Good on Taming Disaster™!

As we see the unmanned systems industry evolving, we see different states taking different strategies and how they are going to use these systems to help, not only their citizens but also to build commerce and business within the state. It has been really interesting to watch Texas, North Dakota, Nevada, and North Carolina being the early leaders come out and taking strategies to build visibility for these programs within their states.

Christopher Todd, your host, welcomes David Heath to talk about the current reality regarding unmanned systems in Pennsylvania. David is the executive director and co-founder of the Pennsylvania Drone Association.

Key Takeaways:

[1:50] David Heath talks about how he got involved in unmanned aircraft systems.

[6:05] Pennsylvania Drone Association began its operations in 2019. Is that a benefit or a challenge?

[7:39] David talks about how they constituted their general assembly at the PA Drone Association.

[8:36] Which are some of the companies in Pennsylvania that are contributing to the unmanned system industry?

[11:10] ASTM partnership with the DRONERESPONDER program.

[12:01] States are playing a key role when it comes to developing unmanned technology.

[14:27] David talks about the vast power states can have regarding unmanned aircraft systems.

[17:30] Who is PA Drone Association’s main competition?

[19:35] How important is it to have academia as part of the conversation about unmanned systems?

[21:05] David talks about how they found the funding resources for the PA Drone Association.

[26:47] The value of connections and networking.

[29:18] David talks about the concepts of “pockets of utilization” in regard to the unmanned aircraft systems in PA.

[32:02] How is PA Drone Association dealing with people’s fears about the use of drones?

[35:36] The Pennsylvania Drone Symposium

[40:01] David talks about the companies participating at the Pennsylvania Drone Symposium.

[41:50] What is going to make the Pennsylvania Drone Symposium different from the other events?

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Pennsylvania Drone Association

Pennsylvania’s Public and Private UAS Symposium

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