Pilot Talk by OSM Aviation Academy

Pilot Talk by OSM Aviation Academy


Tune in to the Pilot Talk podcast hosted by Stein Mjåtveit and Michel Treskin, two pilots in different stages of their career who were brought together by their shared passion for aviation and pilot training. The Pilot Talk podcast will focus on aviation-related subjects ranging from how you can get started with your pilot education to career advice for pilots and the latest news from the aviation industry.

When thinking about a business jet pilots typically think about the likes of Global Express, Learjet, and Citation. Today’s guest Sam is a VIP pilot flying a substantially larger executive aircraft, the Airbus A340. In this episode, Sam will take us along on his journey in aviation. We will discuss how he got into aviation, what is what like flying F-18’s in the Marine Corp, and how his transition to the civilian world was like after 10 years in the military.

Sam has a tremendously interesting journey and has flown everything from fighter jets to turboprop aircraft, regional jets, and all the way up to the Airbus A340 and A380 (Super Heavy). He also used to work as the Chief Pilot of MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

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