Did You Bring the Batteries?

Did You Bring the Batteries?


In-depth discussions with industry leaders about the ever-evolving drone and autonomous industries in North America. Produced by RMUS, a UAV and robotic solutions expert.

A legend in the aviation world, Mikey McBryan of Buffalo Airways and the show Ice Pilots NWT, joins us this week to discuss UASs from the point of view of manned-craft aviators. Mikey talks about operating modern UASs around an airport, the realities of automating cargo flights, and the many unexpected ways drones have changed the world.

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This episode’s cast includes:

Bryan Calhoun – Podcaster in Command (host), RMUS
Fraser Hahn – Director of Technology, RMUS
Kevin Toderel – General Manager, RMUS
Mikey McBryan- General Manager, Buffalo Airways

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