It’s The Bearded Man

It’s The Bearded Man


Some know him as “The Bearded Man”, others know him as Bobbbaaaay! At 26 years young, TBM might have arguably one of the most beautifully groomed beards in all the land. Not only is it stylish but a modern day piece of art that’s full of wisdom. Previously the host of Purpose in the Youth Podcast, a retired Uber Driver who completed 19,002 total rides, he’s now a full-time Podcast Specialist for Liquid I.V. This podcast is to share everythaaang Bearded Man related.

Huey Mack is a recording artist.


– Cutting back on booze / living a healthier lifestyle
– Recording our first podcast in Boston in Jan 2017
– Reckless touring days
– Reflecting on the past & evolving over time
– Who inspires Joey : Robert Downey Dr
– Seeking other creative interests : podcasting & writing movie script
– 5 years of living in Los Angeles / process of finding the right community of people
– Being comfortable being alone
– Post Malone’s birthday party
– Dipping’ toes into the LA dating scene
– The importance of structure in our day
– Seeking discomfort
– Challenge for the listeners : Do that thing you’ve always wanted to do

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