Casting The Pod with Adam Schaeuble

Casting The Pod with Adam Schaeuble


This show will deliver podcasting tips about forming a successful business around your podcast as we focus on podcast monetization and podcast growth strategies. Whether you are looking to create a side hustle or replace your income and become a full time podcaster this show will help you get there!

Today I’m chatting with Rob Walch from Libsyn and The Feed podcast.

Rob Walch was inducted into the Podcasting Hall of Fame in 2016 and is the VP of Podcaster Relations for Libsyn. He is Co-Author of “Tricks of the Podcasting Masters”Que 2006, an editors pick as a Top10 Reference book for 2006 by Amazon.

Check out episode 118 of Podcasting Business School as Rob and I discuss:

– The REAL breakdown of average podcasting stats. This will BLOW YOUR MIND!
– The trends he’s noticing in podcasting that podcasters should be aware of and taking advantage of.
– Podcast growth strategies that are working.
– How Libsyn stands apart from other podcast hosting platforms.
– Why he says asking for “ratings and reviews” is a compete waste of time!
– Some tips for podcasters that are just getting started.

Connect with Rob: (use the promo code “adam” to get a free month trial of Libsyn hosting!)

Check out Rob’s podcast The Feed:

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