The Regenerative Journey with Charlie Arnott

The Regenerative Journey with Charlie Arnott


The Regenerative Journey podcast is a must for anyone who is curious about regenerative living, our relationship to farming, food and wellness, and our connection to Nature and the environment. If you eat food and breath, you won’t want to miss The Regenerative Journey!

Charlie took aside a number of speakers and attendees of the Resource Consulting Services Australia (RCS) in July 2022 to dig into their thoughts and observations of the long-awaited 10 yearly conference.

Listen as David McLean, Diana Rodgers, Stuart Austin, Blaire Beattie, Colin Feilen, Cherie Gooding, Murray Richardson, Matt Tonkin & Damon Gameau all share their favourite moments of the conference, why they attended and what they will take home and implement.

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The Highland Beef program uses an innovative model looking to change the way farmers and customers interact.

Essentially this Australian-owned business place cattle on their member graziers’ properties at their expense and provides farmers competitive returns for every kg of beef produced, allowing their graziers to focus on improving their businesses in a capital-free, risk-free environment.

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