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October 9, 2019 3:00 pm

The only show stock podcast that allows you to hear stories and opinions from livestock enthusiasts – Trevor Kirkpatrick and Cory Edge. They chat with some of the best in the business and pick their brains on multiple topics across all species. The best part…you get to listen in. Not to mention, Stock Talk promises you will learn and laugh to the most unique stories and discussions across all sectors of the industry that will leave you wanting more. Music by Read Southall and Koe Wetzel. Amanda Radke is a HUGE advocate for the animal agriculture industry. She recently posted a picture of her holding a sign in her pasture that went viral. She is asking to get on the Ellen DeGeneres Show to share the true story of animal agriculture. This was the result of Ellen’s recent video promoting a vegan lifestyle state false information about eating meat. When she is not busy on the road advocating, she is a mother who writes children’s books and speaks all over the county. Read her blog in the link below: coupon code STOCKTOBER at checkout to receive 20% OFF ALL SHIRTS! the show


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#34 Shane Meier - Presidential Ranchin' 1 month ago 55m
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#15 Dr. Todd Price - Taming Tigers 6 months ago 40m
#14 Charlie Wilson & Deven King - Wilson Cattle Company 6 months ago 26m
#13 Seth Keplinger - Doppelgänger 6 months ago 43m
#12 David Korb - Valuing The Belt 7 months ago 51m
#11 Kevin Wendt - Hampshire Havoc 7 months ago 47m
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#09 Bryson Williams - "I Hate Bad Livestock" 7 months ago 31m
#08 Miles Toenyes - The Cattle Guy 7 months ago 56m
#07 Judge 2 Win - Because who wants to be second? 8 months ago 32m
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