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Farming food & fashion for a discerning world is serious business in Aotearoa New Zealand.

The challenge has been laid before us to embrace a changing world and balance business that is sensitive to people, profit and the environment.

Sarah’s Country connects knowledge and shines the light on the matters that matter most to New Zealand’s biggest industry, the primary sector.

“There are opportunities everywhere just waiting for open-minded people to take bold and brave leadership and support farming and growing in New Zealand for a positive future,” says Sarahs Country host Sarah Perriam.

Sarah has created a movement with New Zealand’s most forward-thinking agribusiness show, LIVE Monday – Wednesday from 7 pm NZDT & on listened by tends of thousands on podcast globally.

“Sarah Perriam is without a doubt New Zealand’s most exciting young rural journalists,” author, Ross Hyland.

As a leading voice in New Zealand agriculture, Sarah Perriam has worked for over a decade behind & in front of the camera in rural media, recognised for her extraordinary commitment to progressing the conversation of how we farm food and fashion with an open heart & open mind.

“Voices like Sarah’s – strong and passionate – are crucial for farmers to say informed on the issues,” New Zealand’s Minister of Agriculture, Damien O’Connor.

Sarah has led an impressive career well-known from her nation-wide role as a radio host on ‘Rural Exchange’ and a rural commentator on TV3’s ‘AM Show’.

“Sarah is a fantastic advocate for rural NZ. This girl cares and is not afraid to confront the tough issues,” Newshub Journalist, Mary-Jane Tomasi.

Sarah is both a host of the popular show ‘Sarah’s Country’ and businesswomen with her production agency, Perriam Media with a team of 7 and a video & radio studio in Canterbury New Zealand.

Perriam Media produces Sarah’s Country, with its team based at Tai Tapu in Canterbury, and in the UK, as well as producing visual podcast series for their clients to have solution-led marketing through thought-leading communication.

‘We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when creating them’. And I love being in a role where I can facilitate the tough conversations on my show and providing my client’s solutions to be thought-leading,“ explains Sarah.

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Jo Palmer, founder of Pointer Remote explains how encouraging remote working environments can help grow rural towns.

Lisa Booth, chief Executive of Kete Kai shares how she is helping to redesign an affordable food system through technology.

Is it possible to farm regeneratively and profitably ? Russell Heald, owner of The Brow Dairies shares his experience with Calm the Farm.

Aratu Forests announce a 90-year Riparian Native Forestry Scheme. ElandNZ, CEO Hugh Riddiford explains.

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