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You may be the farmer or married to the farmer – this podcast will help you balance family and merge your personal needs with your farm demands. You can have a profitable biz AND a lovely, fulfilled life. I teach you personal development tools & strategies to finally conquer overwhelm and the feeling that you’re not doing enough in your family or in your business. You’ll learn step-by-step how to create the results you want in life!
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I was in Jackson, Mississippi last week teaching marketing, and I got more questions about “the beast” that is social media marketing than anything else.

Using social media to build your business can be super deceiving – you see this platform online, whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Tik Tok, or wherever you’re looking… and there are millions and millions of people right in front of your eyes.

And you KNOW a percentage of them would love your products.

But how in the world do you turn those ‘free’ people, just sitting there scrolling on by your photos, into paying customers?

Click the link above to hear how.

I just got an email yesterday from a frustrated farmer who said even though her Facebook page likes are growing and growing, the number of people seeing her posts is declining.

The short answer is that FB and Instagram are designed for that. But there are plenty of work-arounds I talk about in today’s episode.

Tune in and learn how to think about social media in a way that serves you, and then how to turn those people into loyal customers.

See you in episode 137 of the Profitable Mindset Podcast.



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