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We are Ben, Ted and Nog, three mates from Mid Wales bringing you a vaguely agricultural podcast in which we will give you light hearted views in and around the farming industry with great guests along the way! A lot of what we aim to do is around trying to keep peoples mental health somewhere near upright and hopefully we will put a smile on your face in what can be quite a lonely, isolated rural sector and instead you can reach out to us to escape. While we will be sharing our ups and downs from day to day life, we invite you to get involved and share your stories along the way! Welcome to EweTurn, we hope you stick around

After a busy few weeks the boys return with Jonny Williams, an ex-Presteigne native now living the life in the Scottish Borders!

Jonny explains how he came to relocate, what he’s up to now and crucially how his family ended up supplying the annual Christmas tree for Downing Street! Throw in some amusing Young Farmers stories from ‘back in the day’ and we have an episode to enjoy!

A reminder that The EweTurn Podcast is in association with Welsh Farm Supplies, your sheep and cattle drench experts. For more information see their social media pages or click here to check out their website and see the fantastic reviews!

Take time and be nice!

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