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Join Rick and Elara of Backyard Green Films as we traverse the U.S on a green adventure! We travel throughout the land in our travel trailer (nicknamed Bessie), on a mission to share the stories, dedication, and wisdom of America’s stewards of sustainable agriculture who’ve followed their own ‘call of the land.’ From scientists to geneticists to organic farmers and ranchers – plus a bounty of interesting folks we meet along the way, each voice is uniquely diverse, and each story compels us to uncover, discover, and share. Please become a Patreon member and help support our podcast. Copy and paste the link in your browser.

Infrastructure. Is it a “sexy” word for most people? Definitely not. But to some of us, the truly exciting part is that effort now can often translate to big gains in the future. Building something that will last long after you’re gone takes time, focus, thought, and usually quite a bit of money.

You might think we’re talking about all that stuff with the massive stimulus spending swirling in the news this week, but that’s not a pile we want to step in, over or through (how many zeros are in a trillion, anyway?). But it does bring up a point – why is infrastructure investment important? The answer is, whether it be an investment of time, or thought, or capital, when you spend on things that will improve an item or a quality of something over time, the benefit can be magnified in the future. The guy we’ll talk about today did just that, and he changed the face of agriculture forever.

Elaine Shirley met up with us in Colonial Williamsburg back in 2016 to give us a grand tour, replete with history. We’re bringing you her story of the Leicester Longwool sheep breed and its founder, Englishman Robert Bakewell. You might not have heard of him before, but his influence on agricultural genetics and perpetuating breed typing had lasting impact on not only the concept of scientific management in farming, but our view of genetics in all fields of study. If you get an immediate mental picture of a specific breed type when one is named (e.g. German Shepherd dog), Bakewell might be the guy you should thank. All that, and his Leicester Longwools sometimes glow like a lightbulb when you put them in the sun.

And speaking of thanks — Elaine – you’re a true champ. Nankins and Devons and Leicesters – Oh, My!



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