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> As a developer … I want to work on a feature… and if I make a security relevant mistake, I have to get a report, but not disturbed in my workflow.
> Janosch Maier, CPO Crashtest Security

The Founder

In this interview, Joe from talks to Janosch Maier (, CPO and Co-Founder of Munich-based Crashtest Security ( a cybersecurity startup. Crashtest security helps to scan web applications for know vulnerabilities, so automated hacks can not be successful.

Crashtest security is part of focus this year of Munich-based entrepreneurs. The recording was done before Corona really struck.

Janosch has a bachelor’s in computer sciences, with a minor in education. During the interview, he tells us the story of how he met a US-based hacker in Uganda and how this puts him on track to start his company.

> Don’t use software, that isn’t supported anymore. You open yourself for attackers.
> Janosch Maier, CPO Crashtest Security

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The Startup

The Startup Crashtest Security is based in the center of Munich. (,,

The startup has a Software as a Service security tester. In order to use it, you need to sign up and enter the details of your website and the penetration test starts. If Crashtest Security finds a vulnerability they let you know how they got in. For these tests, they use know vulnerabilities, open-source tools, and their proprietary know-how.

> You can imagine our tool as an online virus scanner for known vulnerabilities.
> Janosch Maier, CPO Crashtest Security

The Video Interview is set to go live on April 9th 15.00 CET (10 am East Coast Time, 14.00 London)


Crashtest Security is currently financed by business angels, but they may be looking for capital soon. Reach out to us, we will connect you to the team.

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During the interview, we talk about ETH Zurich. Albert Einstein or John von Neumann studied there.


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