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What a story we have for you today as we are joined by Kerry Sawyer. Kerry began her entrepreneurship journey with a goal of leaving the 9-5 and being able to be at home with her daughter. That lead her and her husband at the time to start a tax company and while they kept their day jobs for a while they were able to eventually make enough to replace their income and work for themselves.

Fast forward a little while and Kerry had developed a professional relationship with Gordon Logan, Founder of Sport Clips and he convinced Kerry to become an Area Developer for the Sport Clips brand. With incredible amount of success and being in the right place at the right time a Sport Clips franchise owner had to sell 3 locations and Kerry was able to purchase those stores while still working as an Area Developer. Her ownership grew to 45 locations with Sport Clips and she gained a lifetime of knowledge that Kerry will be able to use for any new venture that comes her way.

Unfortunate circumstances lead to the sale of her Sport Clips franchise and again being in the right place at the right time happened when the previous owner of a specific Painting with a Twist franchise was ready to sell and Kerry was ready to buy.

Now you might be asking how lucky is Kerry and it is very clear that luck has nothing to do with her success. She knows how to foster great relationships everywhere she goes. She knows how to build teams and keep people happy at the various levels of a business and ultimately Kerry knows how to turn around a franchise business into a successful franchise business as she follows the systems and procedures created from the Franchisor.

Listen in this week to hear Kerry Sawyer’s story that lead her to where she is today!

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