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5 Things To Know Before Using LinkedIn Voice Message

Salespeople want to know how to use new features that enable us to reach out to prospects and an example is the LinkedIn voice message. There are, however, things you need to know before sending your first one.

LinkedIn Voice Messaging

LinkedIn is now expanding its reach and updating its platform with new features. One great feature you want to be aware of is the ability to send a video message. Donald Kelly has 5 tips for using LinkedIn’s voice message:

Tip 1: Keep your message simple

Tip 2: You need to have a specific message

Tip 3: Offer value

Tip 4: Follow a structure

Tip 5: Have an invitation to action

Keep it Simple

LinkedIn voice messages offer a 60-second to record a message. (If you don’t know how to find this tool, you can check out this episode on our YouTube channel, episode 1316.) When you only have 60 seconds you need to keep your message simple and brief. Your prospects are bombarded with activities from daily schedules and you don’t want to make their lives more difficult by giving them a voice message that takes too much time.

Use a message and a value

When you reach out to your prospect, be sure of your message. What do your prospects really need from you? The prospect wants the message to be worth their time. Your job is to focus on their problems and the solutions you provide. The people you’re contacting are likely first-degree connections so you don’t need to tell them everything your company does. These people have already connected with you. The first thing you’re going to say is your name and then you can go ahead with your message and tie it in with value.

Starting a personalized message with “Out of curiosity …” allows space for a conversation to begin. #SalesPersonalization

Follow a structure

Leave a message like you’re talking to a friend and make sure you include an invitation to an upcoming event or make them aware of information that brings value. Offer something that will be beneficial to them.This may be as simple as sending images or videos that may be helpful to them but it increases engagement.

Keep in mind, this feature is only applicable to those who have the LinkedIn application. For those without the application, you need to download the application on your device to get the most robust features LinkedIn has to offer.

Call to action

Include an invitation or call to action. An example message might be:

“Hey, Shannon! How are you doing? I loved your post recently about ____. You guys are doing some amazing stuff. By the way, we’re doing a webinar next week. I wanted to see if you’d be open to coming into the webinar.”

For people with whom you’re already connected, you can leave a similar message or ask them a Yes or No question to offer an opportunity to respond. Ideally, you want this to lead to a conversation.

“5 Things To Know Before Using LinkedIn Voice Message” episode resources

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