The Sales Management. Simplified. Podcast with Mike Weinberg

The Sales Management. Simplified. Podcast with Mike Weinberg


Execs, sales leaders, and aspiring sales managers: Ready to create a healthy, high-performance sales culture and drive significant long-term sales growth? Had it with the noise and nonsense that passes for sales advice today and the nonstop pitches promising you a new hack, trick, or tool to solve all that ails your sales? Join practitioner, speaker, coach, and globally trusted sales expert Mike Weinberg, author of the bestselling and most reviewed sales management book, for straight talk, blunt truth, and powerful, practical techniques that will maximize sales management effectiveness and help your team WIN MORE NEW SALES!

In the episode Mike shares his foolproof framework for conducting high-impact 1:1 sales manager – salesperson accountability meetings.

This one best practice, when mastered, will transform sales culture and results. And the best part? Sales leaders reduce complacency and radically increase accountability without being a jerk, demotivating, or micromanaging their teams!

Listen as Mike unpacks what he calls “The Sales Management Accountability Progression” – Results then Pipeline then Activity – and models the transformative approach he learned from his sales management mentor.

While it is certainly more trendy today to talk about sales coaching and sales enablement, Mike makes the strong case that this 10 to 15-minute per month 1:1 manager-salesperson accountability meeting is the single highest-payoff sales management activity.

Accountability is not a dirty word and there is nothing wrong, inappropriate, or politically incorrect with holding salespeople accountable for results, pipeline health, opportunity creation and advancement, and when necessary, activity. In fact, when this 1:1 meeting is conducted properly, (good) salespeople love it, and instead of dreading accountability conversations, you will actually look forward to them!

Exciting News: Mike unveils the dates and locations for Supercharge Your Sales Leadership events coming in the second-half of 2021:

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