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I believe in doing BIG THINGS! You should be earning 6 figures easily as a sales rep. But chances are you are not…yet! Sales is the most important department in every company but many sellers are never taught how to effectively sell, much less how to earn their way to high-income status. My own career limped along until a company I worked for invested in sales training to help me succeed. Immediately afterward, I closed a deal worth 4X what the company spent on me and saw hockey-stick improvement in my performance. So I started a podcast to “Evangelize” what was working.
Today I interview the world’s best sales experts, successful sellers, sales leaders and entrepreneurs who share their strategies to succeed in sales right now: folks like Jeffrey Gitomer, Jill Konrath, Bob Burg, and Guy Kawasaki to name a few. They share actionable insights and stories that will encourage, challenge, and motivate you to hustle your way to top income status. If you’re someone looking to take off in your sales career and earn the income you deserve, hit subscribe and let’s start doing BIG THINGS!

How Recognizing Intent Signals Can Help Overcome Objections

Objections are common in sales but many struggle with knowing how to overcome them well. Today’s guest will talk about recognizing intent signals as a tool to overcome objections. Ernest Owusu leads a sales team at 6sense, an account-based orchestration platform that helps companies identify when an organization needs their help in prioritizing and engaging with them in a meaningful way. Ernest leads their SDR and BDR team.

Intent signals defined

Intent signals are interactions, like digital interactions, with a prospective company, or even one person, that is an indicator that they want to have a conversation with you. The intent is an interest in either you, your competitors, or your industry. It tells you they are interested and you can engage.

COVID-19 has become one of the most common objections that salespeople face today. The budget objection won’t come from a company that shows intent in the offered solution. Salespeople can overcome objections by focusing on the accounts that show intent. Ernest’s company uses keywords and value cards to see and gauge intent.

Understanding the intent to overcome objections

Buyers have changed and everyone now does research before deciding to purchase. It’s more efficient to see this intent and have the tools to gauge the prospects’ reasons for visiting your site before an approach. The sooner you identify these prospects, the sooner you can target the accounts. You can use sales engagement tools with the ability to track clicks.

It also helps to engage in constant repetitive practice, role playing and right or wrong, being familiar with your strategy.

“How Recognizing Intent Signals Can Help Overcome Objections” episode resources

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