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00:00 Weekly Q&A with Jason Mastromatteo – 09.23.2022
13:39 Amazon is permanently going to a new navigation view on Oct 3
13:05 You can now A/B split test your bullets and product description
13:34 The Ultimate Q4 Kick Off
14:21 Amazon removed my product and said my UPC code is not banded by GS1
16:49 When writing your title should you optimize for search volume or optimize for title density w/ search volume in mind
19:20 In terms of juice, w/c sections have the mouse KW ranking influence
19:53 Amazon keeps telling me to manage in-stock issues but includes ASINs I’m no longer carrying and for which I have closed and deleted the listings
21:07 How fast can we raise or lower bid % w/o doing damage to the campaign
22:13 If you were to split up one auto campaign into 2, w/c of the 4 targets would you pair together and why
23:08 What keeps my product on the 7th or 8th spot of the 1st page
23:38 Does relevancy come into play if you split up auto campaigns
24:18 When we negate KW for 20+ clicks what is the time frame
25:58 For “Twister” variations created in VC who do you explain to an SC agent desire to disassemble
29:05 So cannot DELETE in flat file w/o having the SKU to go w/ parent
29:17 Regarding brand health, no policy violations, not RA, all under my brand
30:08 Your thoughts on Small n Light
31:09 Our very successful competitor has very few Product Details on their listing only showing the date first available, manufacturer, ASIN, and BSR. They don’t list made in China, is this allowed
32:26 Could you please explain/show the fastest way to bulk upload images and A+ contents for 1000 ASINs
34:05 I had some search terms in a broad campaign w/c were negative exacts, and now I want to un-negate them so I archived them but after doing that, I can’t see the KWs
35:21 I have brand defense campaigns set up, should I negate my ASINs and negative phrase my brand name in all of my other campaigns
36:10 How can you resolve IP rights complaint-copy rights
38:05 Can we repeat the same KWs of back-end search terms in title and bullets
39:00 Is it good to repeat an important KW in your listing
39:38 How to find individual ASIN’s sales in a variation listing
41:01 I see a lot of the same products coming up w/ the same main image and high fake reviews in my niche
42:27 My listing has multiple ASINs w/ diff landing cast and prices so each has diff break-even ACOS. Often I have seen a consistent percentage of purchased ASINs that is different from the advertised one. Could you suggest best practice to go about that
44:51 Brandon Young said Amazon will cap your listings rank for a specific KW if you write it in a diff match type or location

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