Do you wish to be a person of influence? Influence has nothing to do with ego, it has everything to do with the positive impact you have on others & the circumstances in your life. Raphael became a student of mastering positive influence & leadership when he entered Direct Sales in 2004. Since then he has built sales teams of over 7,000 representatives. He hired & trained over 200 employees with the two companies he consulted for & co-owned. In 2016 he started a consulting and training company, Unplugged Influence, Inc. that helps organizations with cultural development, morale & production.

Every economic turmoil causes millions of businesses, as well as individuals, to pivot in order to create revenue. For some, it’s to sustain the level of income they had before, while others grow their revenues exponentially while adjusting to a new industry or a new way of conducting business.

Those that fail to pivot on time get left behind only finding themselves starting from scratch.

COVID19 causes thousands of small businesses to close their doors forever, and it forced others to make adjustments in how they conduct their business. Some of these adjustments came in the form of improvement, while others did not.

In this episode, Raphael goes through key elements of the importance to pivot within your business or profession in order to be victorious.

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