Network Marketing Ninja Podcast With Frazer Brookes

Network Marketing Ninja Podcast With Frazer Brookes


Join Frazer Brookes the Network Marketing Ninja as he shares strategies, insight, and skills on all things Network Marketing. Having attended his first Network Marketing event in the womb in 1987, Frazer has established himself as one of the top speakers, trainers and coaches inside of the Network Marketing industry.His goal is to raise the professionalism of Network Marketing done online, to unite the industry and make it sexy again. In this podcast you will discover more on the mindset needed, social media skills, leadership talks, and interviews with up and coming rising stars!

In this episode Frazer goes on a bit of a rant on the power of changing. Your friends might even say “you’ve changed” but you need to understand the power behind that and how you can keep growing and not becoming stagnant or stuck. Frazer is on a mission to get 1,000 5 star ratings and reviews by the end of 2020 and needs your help. Let Frazer know what your biggest takeaway was. Screenshot the episode on your device, and tag Frazer @frazerbrookesonline – if you got value SUBSCRIBE and leave a positive review!

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