Jeffery Combs – More Heart Than Talent

Jeffery Combs – More Heart Than Talent


Jeffery Combs specializes in business prospecting, leadership skills, letting go, prosperity consciousness, scripts, and mindset coaching. His many audio training programs benefit entrepreneurs & direct sales people at all levels of conscious development. Jeff has personally consulted with over 12,000 clients as a personal coach and mentor. Jeff is the President of Golden Mastermind Seminars Inc. and is committed to assisting people change the way they feel in order to achieve their goals and dreams! Jeff is available to you and your company for coaching and speaking, and has developed a special training programs to assist business owners, leaders, and individuals master the skills of consistency, productivity, and relaxation. 1-800-595-6632

Here is what you will learn on this week’s training:
1. Silence your inner critic
2. Anxiety, fear, & doubt
3. The process of change
4. Living in the solution, creating results
5. Simplifying your life
6. Mastering letting go
7. Living in a relaxed body

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