Go Pro With Eric Worre

Go Pro With Eric Worre


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On this week’s edition of Go Pro with Eric Worre, I sit down with Network Marketing Superstar Hayley Hobson.

Hayley reflects on how she reviewed critical areas of her life and how financial freedom kept coming up as something that she needed to personally accomplish – freedom as a new mom to spend time with her child … freedom to not have to depend on anyone else for an income … personal freedom.

She then recalls how she came across Network Marketing without really understanding how she could make it work for her. She knew she needed a change – in fact doctors were recommending a lifestyle change to improve her health. Then, once she was introduced to a product where someone explained that she could supplement her current income, a light went on for her.

Discover how Hayley went from working herself sick, to enjoying the flexibility and financial freedom that Network Marketing has been able to provide.

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