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Is it possible to create a successful network marketing business while being YOURSELF? What does it take to create team synergy, a solid residual income and TRUE FREEDOM? Can I create and maintain balance and well-being WHILE I build my business? Is network marketing even a legitimate business?! Welcome to the be:free podcast where we dive into ALL of these questions and more. Join host Aimee Burton, as she makes her way in the big world of entrepreneurship, in one of the more controversial business models: network marketing (aka relationship marketing, aka MLM.) In her solo episodes, Aimee shares stories of her journey to creating freedom and well-being, along with actionable training tips and strategies for improving your mindset, your beliefs, your daily activities, and your results. You’ll also love the interview episodes featuring top leaders in the profession of network marketing, other entrepreneurs, health and financial experts. This podcast is for people who are: – on our team already and we’re working together to build our dreams, – in a different wellness-related network marketing company, or – for those of you seeking freedom and not sure yet how to create it, welcome!

It’s the start of a new year and a new decade!

You might be wondering: how can I make 2020 and the next few years really purposeful, fulfilling and joyful?

Listen in for tips on how to utilize the tools of Numerology, Astrology and Tarot to give you interesting and helpful insights into yourself and the themes that might be present for you.

Our guest today, Kara Foreman, is the founder of Imagine and a wonderful teacher, writer and collector of wisdom. She shares with us how numerology can provide insight into our life path, as well as guidance for best harnessing the energy of the day, month, and year we are in.

Kara combines numerology with the basic positions of our Astrological chart for a unique look at who we are and how we tick. She also mentions other helpful self-awareness tools.

Resources and links mentioned on the show:

How to calculate your personal power numbers & numerology resource books: (with free how-to-guide download)

Cafe Astrology free reports for calculating your numbers and astrology chart:

Numerology report

Astrology report

Kara’s blogs on the Color Code (with the audio of the four of us talking about our colours) and Knowing Your Strengths.

As always, you can find out more about Aimee at her site:

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