Be Ten Times Bolder

Be Ten Times Bolder


If you’re an entrepreneur, sales person, network marketer, or anyone who’d like to eliminate fear, indecision, and doubt from your life and become a ten times bolder and more badass version of your already awesome self then this is the podcast for you. The training, tips, and advice you’ll learn in this podcast will help you become more confident, charismatic, and persuasive so you can make more money, have more fun, and live a happier and more fulfilled life. Cesar Rodriguez is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, sales trainer, and success coach who’s an expert on boldness, psychology, and communication. He’s most famous for making his first million by 29, being a #1 recruiter and top producer in multiple companies, and for impacting the lives of millions of people through his videos, talks, and trainings.

 In this podcast Cesar shares the success secrets, strategies, and hacks he’s learned from thousands of books, audios, and real world experiences that when applied, will allow you to have more success, happiness, freedom, and fulfillment. If you like your wisdom, philosophies, and lessons delivered to you by fun, fiery, and edgy speakers who are entertaining, inspirational, and motivational, then you’re gonna love Cesar and this podcast. To connect with Cesar, search for CesarLRodriguez on Instagram and look for the profile with the blue check, or search for him on Facebook, YouTube, or Google. To become friends with Cesar and thousands of other Be Ten Times Bolder listeners, request to Join this show’s Official Facebook Group by typing in “The B10xB Movement” in the Facebook search box.

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