Elevate Your Curiosity podcast – trend forecasting, product development and reducing anxiety for creative businesses

Elevate Your Curiosity podcast – trend forecasting, product development and reducing anxiety for creative businesses

by Joanne Griffin: Trends & Product Development

October 9, 2019 3:30 pm

Elevate your Curiosity is a podcast for creative souls who are looking for an inspiration boost to enhance both their designs and mindset.

Hosted by Joanne Griffin, a designer and product development consultant for enthusiastic entrepreneurs at Arnold and Bird. With over a decade in e-commerce and trend forecasting, her passion is being your personal cheerleader in everything to do with trends and innovative product ideas. While easing any anxiety you have along the way.

Joanne will be sharing quick and relatable tips covering everything from spotting new trends, innovative new ideas and developing your product range. All underpinned with advice on how to take the anxiety out of decisions and empower you to trust your authentic voice.

Leave inspired and focused on elevating your curiosity everyday! Today on the podcast it’s a body scan meditation to help let go of anxiety. So you can ease out any niggles or areas of tension

Take a seat or lie down in a space you can relax in for a few moments and listen to this body scan meditation.

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