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Break It Down Show


Jon and Pete talk with artists, authors, musicians, filmmakers, athletes and creators about their processes, challenges, origins, relationships that influenced their work, and what brings them to the place where they perform at their peak.

Jon Leon Guerrero and Pete A Turner – Checking In – The Break It Down Show started as the Mid Week Mash on OzCat Radio back in the early 20-tweens. Jon invited Pete on the show as a guest, and he never left. Back then, Jon, Pete, Niko-Jon’s son and the guy that welcomes you to each episode of the BIDS would chat for 3 hours. The magic they created in those sessions is what pushed them to think bigger and create the show you all know and love today. This episode happened because of a guest conflict…and we’re all grateful that it did. Here’s Jon and Pete at their best.


From the Beginning

It’s always been Jon and Pete

It’s just what we do

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Executive Producer/Host/Intro:
Pete A. Turner
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