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Greater Than Zero Percent (GTZP) is 501(c)(3) non-profit on a mission to find people and organizations that are changing the world and sharing their stories. The three guiding tenets of GTZP are awareness, education, and engagement. There are so many people doing such amazing things and we want to use GTZP as a platform to share these stories. As humans, we have a responsibility to always be learning. We hope GTZP can be another source of this type of education. We want you to use us to find organizations you want to support to accelerate their positive impact on the communities they serve.

In this episode we interview Josh Konoff “con-off”, Founder of Boston Volunteers. Boston Volunteers is a non-profit organization fighting to make Boston cleaner, safer, and better.

When Boston Volunteer was founded in 2006, we had one goal: to ensure everyone in Boston has the opportunity to succeed. And now, we’re ready to take that challenge to the next level. Our leadership team is committed to bringing even more volunteers and nonprofit organizations together with the help of our local partners and generous volunteers.

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