Project Management Office Hours

Project Management Office Hours


Project Management Office Hours brings together leaders in the Project Management industry to discuss current trends, topics and lessons learned. Whether you are an aspiring Project Manager or Director of a Project Management Office, we have you covered with in depth discussions from experts in the industry. Hosted by Joe Pusz, PMO Joe, the purpose of the show is to Educate, Elevate, and Execute. Educate listeners and organizations on the value of professional Project Management. Elevate the knowledge, understanding and expectations for PM practitioners. Execute better, consistently delivering Project Management solutions and providing value to your organization. The show is delivered on the Business RadioX platform out of the Phoenix Business RadioX studio and sponsored by THE PMO SQUAD and TALAIA OpenPPM. E77 Zen and the Art of Strategic Alignment with Stuart Easton Are you working on the proper projects within your organization? Why do we even do projects in an organization? So much time in Project Management is spent trying to improve project execution and not as much on project selection and strategic alignment. In this […] The post E77 Zen and the Art of Strategic Alignment with Stuart Easton appeared first on Business RadioX ®.

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