Your Corner Man

Your Corner Man


The best coaches and athletes in the world share stories and lessons on life, leadership and career success…and failure. The show is tailored for business men/women, entrepreneurs, leaders, coaches and athletes looking for the information and inspiration they need to take themselves, their careers and/or their teams to the next level. Show host, Coach Bruce Babashan (a.k.a. Your Corner Man), is a world renowned professional boxing trainer and former senior corporate executive. Coach Bruce is a sage, a storyteller, trainer of champions and professional speaker and he brings a rare set of insights and life experiences to every show. We all wish we had our own Corner-Man to help us during the tough fights in life and Coach Bruce is the real deal. As he always says…”not everything is life is about boxing, but everything in boxing is about life.” Listen to “Your Corner Man” and get ready for the fight ahead.

Trying to get through to someone can be extremely frustrating. You may want to instill them with words of wisdom, but they just might not be landing. As a coach or a business leader, you’re not going to be able to reach every athlete or employee. So, how can you adapt your ways to help drive home your points and philosophies to those who should hear them?

In this week’s episode, I discuss a technique that I’ve found extremely helpful to me in these situations. Bringing in a different coach with a different point of view to try and send the same message to an athlete can pay dividends for everyone. Finding someone who shares the philosophies that you do and utilizing their experiences to drive home points can be a powerful tool. This is a common practice in coaching, done by the likes of Alabama football coach Nick Saban, that could be crucial to you in your professional life. Tune in to hear why and how I’ve used this in my career and how it could help you break through to those you can’t seem to reach.

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