The Road Untraveled: VC Perspectives with Brian Hollins

The Road Untraveled: VC Perspectives with Brian Hollins


Most venture capital firms are stress testing the technology and hard hitting questions of what “tomorrow” may look like. Here’s their real-time take…

Key Takeaways

1. Exceptional founders understand “what matters most”. They help triage what is most important and help their teams deliver on the priorities that matter most for the growth of the business.

2. Founders must be “learning animals”- ready to scale and upskill at all times. They must surround themselves with smart talent, ask questions, and practice maintaining self-awareness.

3. Edtech trends- lots of strong competition in learning, onboarding, etc. but one underinvested ecosystem is the outplacement and transition segment. This while complete the loop within edtech, and we should expect to see more companies come out of there soon.

4. VC diversity- Organizations like BLCKVC are paving the way for new diverse entrants to the ecosystem, but senior leadership of Firm’s must be committed to changing the composition of their teams in order for diversity to grow and be long lasting within a company.

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