The Alame Podcast: Change Your Company

The Alame Podcast: Change Your Company


The purpose of this podcast is to inspire and empower every organizational leader from CEOs and senior leaders to middle management to first time leaders and aspiring ones to transform their companies through the power of people. Through interviews with leading experts and top leaders and my own reflections from my experience leading organizational development in the corporate world, my aim is help you make the biggest impact in your area of responsbility and leave a great legacy of high performance through people.

An exciting conversation with Donna Dahl, an empowerment coach, inspirational speaker and self-development books writer. We talk about how to be empowered and empower others at work. Here are some of the key takeaways:

– To empower others we have to be empowered ourselves

– Keys to self empowerment is having direction/vision for our life, reading and learning and/or having a mentor we look up to

– Health is a key area we can control which leads to self empowerment

– Investing in our energy early in the day has a positive effect of how days unfold

– To empower others we need to give them space to express their voice and own their decisions

– Some example questions leaders can ask to empower their direct report:

– In your opinion, how are we (as a team/department/company) doing?

– How am I (as a leader) doing?

– How are you doing?

– Where would you like to be in 3-5 years from now?

These and much more we covered in this exciting conversation.

Until the next episode, stay INSPIRED and make the biggest difference in your area of responsibility and beyond.

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