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Life Passion and Business


Exploring the creativity of the human spirit with just five simple questions. Those questions give us a window to explore the journey and life story of people that look like they have it sorted.

This week’s topic is Hummus & Hobbies with Ziad Zammer. Born in Lebanon, Ziad moved to Australia when he was 3 years old and at 10 he returned to Lebanon. He stayed there for 6 years before returning once again to Australia where he has lived ever since. His life is a fusion of both cultures.

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At high school in Australia, Ziad did Business Studies and hated it. Which brought him to the decision that physical work was the better option. He found work in the mines and stayed for few years, becoming became a driller. This inspired him to explore the oil and gas industry. That led him back into study, he achieved a Bachelors degree in Petroleum and Drilling Engineering. Working in the industry was good, well paid but not enough, and he longed to do more. In Arab culture, food is a big part of family life. So he decided the restaurant business was the place to fulfil his true potential. However, he had no knowledge or experience, and as it is often said,

If you want to loose money, start a restaurant”

My jaw dropped when Ziad said he managed the kitchen but hated cooking. But none of this stopped him. Working with his ex-wife Kaitlin Eterovich in 2016, they opened a Lebanese Arab fusion restaurant called The Hummus Club

This project is an example of being willing to take on a challenge with the purpose to fulfil a bigger objective.

Starting a new 100 seater restaurant business with 25 new staff, and none of them having any idea what they were doing might be considered crazy. And that’s how it looked for a while. Day one, nothing happened. Day two got better and within a few weeks, the restaurant was serving 100 plus covers a night.

This is an amazing story of how a project can be successful with passion and purpose at the helm. We talk about leadership, self-awareness, the wake call and the mistakes made along the way.

This is about values and failures and acceptance of who we are.

My conversation with Ziad is very candid and unexpected. His main reason for doing the podcast was to talk about his Baseball Card Collecting compulsion. So along with the highs and lows of being a restaurateur, there are some deep issues in this conversation. Amongst others they include the psychology of collecting.

There is one point in where he turns the tables on me and my inspiration for podcasting. Which gave me an interesting challenge.

Thank you for joining me with Ziad Zammer for Hummus & Hobbies. His links are below along with opportunities to enjoy more podcasts and resources on Life Passion & Business.

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